Thursday, March 1, 2012

Copper Toxicity- the Root Cause of Adrenal Burnout, Depression, Infertility & Many other Conditions

Well, it seems this week has turned into a focus of all things healing related. I hope these posts have been of use to anyone interested in adrenal health, for those of you who are not, I promise to move on from this topic after this one last post!


Oh, Copper toxicity, what a labyrinth of information! I first want to start off by acknowledging that I share a lot of links to very in depth articles within these posts. These pieces are loaded with valuable information, much more thorough than I could ever begin to be on this blog. I know it can be daunting to read so much info at once. I would recommend printing the articles out and reading them in mini spurts, underling anything that sparks your interest for future reference. For me, this is a much more doable way of assimilating information, especially if dealing with fatigue/brain fog.

If you are working on adrenal recovery and not reaping the full benefits it may be due to the often overlooked problem of copper toxicity. Or if you have dental cavities, certain types of cancer, infertility, fear, panic/anxiety or a tendency towards depression this may be the root of your problems. 

I find the conversation about copper really lacking in alternative circles. This may be due to the fact that even if you are copper toxic, it won't necessarily show up on initial HTMA testing. You're body can sequester the copper within your organs and often it takes a certain level of adrenal recovery for it to start releasing and showing up on test results. Symptoms are one of the best clues to determining if you have a copper problem even if tests show none.

Copper pipes, naturally occurring copper in drinking water, birth control, high estrogen levels, (very common in many females), and copper passed from mother to child during pregnancy can all be contributing factors to toxicity.

"Copper is common in the diet, particularly in vegetarian diets, and can be found in the water due to copper plumbing. Many multiple vitamins contain relatively high doses of copper. Zinc and manganese deficiencies will also cause copper retention. The hormone estrogen promotes the retention of copper and this is why women are particularly vulnerable to the problem of copper toxicity. 

However, prolonged adrenal stress can eventually cause the problem in both men and women. Some children are born with high copper levels as it can be passed through the placenta and the high estrogen of pregnancy can worsen any copper retention the mother has." source

In my opinion the best way to detox copper is through Nutritional Balancing. You can eat more red meant, (high in zinc which chelates copper), work on recovering your adrenals and eat less copper containing foods, but if you already have an accumulation of copper in your system, those steps will barely make a dent. The most important facet is restoring the adrenals to optimum performance. Healthy adrenals allow our bodies to detox excesses that cause toxicity.

The Nutritional Balancing gives the body what it must have to release the metals which is a balanced biochemistry with adequate amounts of bio-available nutrients. Once the body has the proper minerals, it will let go of the metals it has been substituting for them, sometimes quite rapidly! source 

Ever since I've been doing Nutritional Balancing I've experienced several symptoms of copper detox. Here's a picture of a copper detox rash that covered my body awhile back. I got this a few months after beginning my second protocol, it has now gone away with the help of liver support. There can also be bowl issues as the copper moves out of the organs and exits your body. Sometimes my pee is super cloudy- this is the metals detoxing. I find visible detox rather exciting, I never had these kinds of things occur when I was doing my other treatments, so it really feels like things are shifting and toxicities ARE being released!

Copper detox rash on lower arm.

There you have it! We're done talking Nutritional Balancing, Copper toxicity, etc. Of course I will touch here and there on this topics in the future, but I hope this covers the real details. Again, questions welcome!

PS: I want to make it clear that I DO NOT receive ANY compensation for extolling the virtues of Nutritional Balancing. Because I have found it to be so effective, I simply wish to get the word out to anyone who is searching for answers.


  1. Love this series Maria! Nutritional balancing sounds very similar to what I am doing with my practitioner, except she uses muscle testing instead of hair mineral analysis. I have an arsenal of minerals that I take to my appointment every 2 weeks and she tests me for all of them and changes the amounts. We have also been using glandular support for some organs which have helped me a lot.

    Copper has been a huge deal for me. I was vegetarian for 10 years plus live in a house with copper pipes, so when I started seeing her I found out how horribly copper toxic I was. Eating meat, staying off grains, taking minerals and hcl has helped a ton, and rather quickly. I was on a huge dose of hcl for four months and nothing changed, then I started eating meat and a month later I only need half as much. My body was crying out for it apparently!

    In the beginning I got lots of mysterious rashes, I didn't know that that could be copper detox. Do you ever get tender lymph nodes? Thats been the one thing that has been persistent that I can't seem to kick.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Wow, sounds like you have found a great person to work with and the fact that she knew about the copper issue says a lot. Thanks for sharing the route you're found for dealing with this issue. It's nice to know there are options.

      Gosh, the meat thing is so huge, it seems are bodies just don't want to function w/out it. It seems the more I eat it the more I crave it!

      Um, I have had some glands behind my ears get swollen and tender at times- that usually coincided with feeling blue, so I figure it was detox overload. I wonder if some liver support would help? I take Extended Health Liver support for the rashes and it really helps.

    2. This is good info ladies, thanks. I have been getting sensitive/sore behind my ears (up from my lymphs) and its been a bit baffling. I'm so used to new, unexplained issues, that I didnt think to associate it with my new protocol, and thought maybe it was a new illness symptom vs a healing symptom! So this makes me happy to hear, oddly! Thanks for sharing everyone...good, good stuff & great forum Maria!

    3. Katherine-
      Yep, you may start having new symptoms now that you're on a protocol- I did have new stuff pop up once i began Nutritional Balancing and it has almost always been a detox thing, not a new illness. You can always email Theresa with any questions. I keep her busy with lots of emails;)!

    4. and of course feel free to message me if you need moral support!

    5. Thanks Maria...may do that is I start getting any rashes! And yes, Theresa is pretty good about replying to my random inquiry emails.

  2. Thanks for all this info, Maria! I have learned so much from your last three posts. Copper toxicity info is new to me and I am glad that you discussed it. I am a hypothyroid vegan, recovering from adrenal fatigue and currently dealing with estrogen dominance. Oh yeah, I have a couple old amalgam fillings too. Hmmm....seems like copper toxicity is something I should investigate just to be sure. There is SO much to know in this hormonal adventure!

    The detox rash was very cool :) LOVE seeing the body detox and repair

    1. Zen Thyroid!

      I think estrogen dominance goes hand in hand w/ adrenal fatigue- it did for me at least. Of course addressing the copper issue is important; I also use Karuna Progest Pure to help with the estrogen issue.

      There is a lot to know, take it a little bit at a time:). Ya, I thought the detox rash was pretty amazing!



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